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Gozo to celebrate International Yoga Day at the Citadel

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Gozo to celebrate International Yoga Day at the CitadelThe International Day of Yoga – commonly referred to as Yoga Day, will be celebrated in Gozo for the first time, and be doing so,will be joining with many countries around the world for this annual event.

“Western society focuses a lot on the physical, as well the spiritual element with a large variety of yoga classes, meditation courses, breathing exercises (Pranayama), explained the organisers of the Gozo event Monique van Bemmelen and Antje Lewerenz.

Yoga, meaning “Union,” is a complex discipline combining physical, mental and spiritual practice. The ultimate goal of a “yogi” is enlightenment.

Monique and Antje explained that “literally everybody can benefit from yoga, even if there is no spiritual aspiration or interest involved.”

“The mindful physical `workout’ as well as meditative exercises can help reducing stress, increasing all over wellbeing, physical and mental health. And it can be practised any time anywhere in its various forms,” they said.

Yoga teachers of Gozo have joined forces to give everybody in Gozo the chance to get a taste of what yoga is about and to try it out during this Yoga Day, which is taking place on Friday, the 21st of June, on St Michael’s Bastion, the Citadel.

Participants will have the opportunity to join one or more sessions throughout the day, ask questions, getting information about regular yoga classes on the island as well as yoga retreats.

The organisers said that the aim is to introduce yoga to literally everybody – be it a guest visiting the island, fitness junkies, children, elderly people and those who practice already. There will be the right session available for everyone.

Participants can sign up on Facebook by clicking here, contact the organisers or just show up on the day.

They said that the symbolic participation fee is €1.00 to cover the expenses of the organisers. The rest will be donated to the Gozo SPCA.

The Programme for the day is as follows:

07.30-08.00h Welcome and Buddhist Meditation

08.15h-09.15h 108 Sun Salutations

09.30h-10.30h Yin Yoga

10.30h-16.00h Midday-Break

16.00h-17.00h Kids Yoga

16.00h-17.00h Adaptive Yoga incl. chair yoga for anybody with limited flexibility, physical limitations, etc.

17.15h-18.15h Hatha Flow

18.30h-19.30h Kundalini Yoga

19.45h 108 OM (Chanting)

For more information, or for any questions, please contact Monique from Yellowrock Yoga or Antje Lewerenz on: Monique van Bemmelen or Antje Lewerenz

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