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“No political will to fix the broken system” – Partit Demokratiku

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"No political will to fix the broken system" - Partit Demokratiku“It is clear that the Prime Minister does not have the political will to fix the broken system and institute effective checks and balances that guarantee independence and accountability of instituted bodies,” Partit Demokratiku said in a statement.

“If Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat really wants to unite a nation, reconciliation must be triggered through democracy, good governance and the rule of law,” stated Godfrey Farrugia.”

He added that “the diagnosis of Malta’s deformed Constitution is very clear. The political duopoly of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform is turning out to be ineffective and seems to be tied by the agenda of the Executive, as is apparent by the half-baked amendments presented in Parliament this week.”

Farrugia argued that, “we need a radical reformation of our Constitution, and this must be addressed immediately through effective consultation with all stakeholders. This is not being observed.”

“The Constitution is a social contract and belongs to the people of Malta and Gozo. The less political influence there is, the better. Malta needs a new narrative, one which is people-centred,” stated PRO Marcus Lauri. “A big thumbs down to backroom deals,” he added.

Partit Demokratiku concluded by saying that its “vision is for an educated, outward looking and open society, and fosters an environment where the art and science of politics returns to its core roots and values.”

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    1. Lino DeBono says:

      It will be more productive if instead of criticizing, one submits to the general public his/her views of what they expect and look forward too.
      Just be saying generalities to appear that they know better than others is simply not on.
      Explaining one’s proposals is much more healthier.

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