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Hondoq by Nght will be first major plastic free event on Gozo and Malta

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Hondoq by Nght will be first major plastic free event on Gozo and MaltaNext month’s Hondoq by Night will be the the country’s first major plastic-free event, announced Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Clint Camilleri.

The eighth edition of one of Gozo’s biggest summer events will be once again be taking place in the idyllic setting of Hondoq Bay.

The Parliamentary Secretary said that some of the initiatives will include no plastic water bottles available on the night, with water to be served in cardboard cups.

Camilleri spoke about the new Marine Litter Campaign – Saving Our Blue – launched earlier this month and which will be featured throughout the summer.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and plastic littering, both at home or on the beach, is ending up in our seas and harming our ecosystems.

He explained that fishing and the sea in general are the most affected by so-called marine litter. The Parliamentary Secretary said that this is made clear when you see statistics showing that 49% of marine litter comes from improperly discarded single-use plastics.

“Unfortunately fishermen encounter turtles and other fish out at sea that have become entangled with improperly discarded material. We know how some turtles swallow pieces, or parts of plastic bags, often causing their death because they are not spotted in time,” he said.

The clean-ups of our seas and beaches that are organised by various NGOs are a positive way forward, however we should be all doing our own part in stopping the problem of marine litter.Qala Saints F.C. is organising the event, which is on Friday, the 5th of July, getting underway from 8.00pm until late….. with live music and Djs.

President of the club, Noel Mizzi, said that this year’s Hondoq by Night will be encouraging people to reduce the use of plastic.

Entertainment will feature a live concert by Ira Losco, as well as Gozitan Michela Pace, Djs Ziggy, Micimago and Darco will bring the night to a close.

As always, traditional flaming lanterns and special light effects will illuminate this beautiful bay throughout the evening, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

The organisers said that tickets will be available at the entrance.

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    5 Responses

    1. peter says:

      Where were the other councillors?

    2. Mark says:

      Excellent initiative.
      Let’s also hope that it is extended to light pollution and noise pollution.

    3. just an expat says:

      Clint Camilleri is not a councillor – he is a Parliamentary Secretary. Few steps up from the local council.
      This is an excellent initiative and I sincerely hope it is successful in reducing the quantity of single use plastic used at this and other events. The wanton littering witnessed a few weeks ago after the “Festival” was appalling – no Eco Gozo in sight!

    4. peter says:

      Just an expat I`m refering that QLC have got 5 councillers and only one is seen.

    5. just an expat says:

      sorry Peter but I cannot see any local councillors in the photo – Clint Camilleri and his assistants – no one else…………..perhaps they were not invited to the photoshoot.
      This is irrelevant anyway the whole point is reduce single use plastic use by any means possible- even if it means more photos of CC and his friends. I notice the article doesn’t mention how anything apart from water is going to be sold – does this mean plastic will still be used for all other beverage sales? or is it a water only event?????

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