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The death of Gozo: Killing the goose that laid the golden egg

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The death of Gozo: Killing the goose that laid the golden eggThe shocking decision to allow a restaurant at Dwejra to be further developed could be the final nail in Gozo’s coffin, the island simply cannot continue to sustain such rampant and abusive development.

Indeed, sadly much of it has already been completely destroyed by the widespread greed and total lack of any enforcement which threatens our beloved island’s very existence.

The whole island is groaning under the weight of a sea of tables, chairs, sunbeds and parasols, nowhere is safe from this rapidly spreading disease that afflicts our entire island.

The prevailing motto seems to be “F***k You Jack, I’m Alright” and the total lack of enforcement from those who should be preventing this ongoing destruction of Gozo is a travesty of justice of the highest magnitude.

Visitors have always flocked to Gozo primarily for it’s beauty and quiet way of life, the very things which are being rapidly and aggressively destroyed for the short term monetary gain of the few.

This situation is being allowed to flourish by those who should be stopping such flagrant abuses, the majority of whom it seems, would rather turn a blind eye for their own short term political or financial gain.

We need to act now before it is too late, we must all stand up for what is right for Gozo, not what is right for our own political or monetary gain which is total moral bankruptcy.

Act now, or prepare for the forthcoming funeral of common decency, common sense and Gozo as it was and should be.

Photos: Left taken by Benjamin Metzger in 2012 and on the right summer in Marsalforn by Alain Salvary

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    15 Responses

    1. Ian Barber says:

      The exact reasons we left Gozo earlier this year to return to UK. What a shame.

      • Benson says:

        We too are leaving the island for obvious reasons, too many visitors and rowdy Maltese dirtying the place and loud music, we’ve had enough and enough is enough. So its goodbye from me & goodbye from her.

    2. Maria B says:

      A meeting as been organised to protect and protest this happening. It will be held this coming Sunday in Victoria Gardens near to the bus terminal at 7 pm.

      Attending will be Dr Angele Deguara from Graffiti Malta. For all the people who care.. Lets get together on THIS!! enough voice complaining. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!!

      Please spread the word and post – togetherness brings change!!!!! Note… This event is not the actual protest.. It is a meeting on how to get started.

    3. Alex Tyrrell says:

      As I said at the time this restaurant should never have been allowed in such a beautiful area. But then in Gozo and indeed in Malta as a whole you can buy anything and anyone. It’s only a matter of time before some money grabbing idiot suggests a hotel in the area and with the right bribe to the right person it will be allowed.

    4. John says:

      Very sad, can this stupidity be reversed?

    5. Bill Wood says:

      It seems more and more expats are upping sticks to either move back to UK or elsewhere in EU. It’s a shame I’ve been here 15 years and the ever increasing cost of accommodation rent and house purchase costs are spiralling out of control. I don’t understand how the local economy can possibly withstand such an increase. That with the uncontrolled building practice such as this permit can’t be sustained. Very soon it will end abruptly with no retired persons to support the leaner times during winter months. Sad times. Let’s hope someone will wake up and smell the coffee

    6. Susan Mills says:

      I fell in love with this beautiful Island 29 years ago, and I have holidayed here for every one of those years. Alas greedy and shortsighted people have slowly ruined this beautiful place, it will never ever be the same Gozo again. Eventually tourists will not come, Building, cost and too many people will stop everyone who loved this place from coming, and I think that point has been reached, my memories will always be with me.

    7. Kenny says:

      As a regular visitor I see the rape of your country and the desecration of this beautiful island, it is such a travesty, and such a shame for the decent local people who have been overun by such greedy morons who simply have no foresight or morals?

    8. Iris. says:

      All those who want to leave our know where the door is :- good riddance we’ve have enough outsiders now as it is – Gozo & the islands are ours to keep.

      • Alex Tyrrell says:

        Be careful what you wish for Iris. Do you really think the economy of the island could be maintained without the financial input of those you refer to as ‘outsiders’?

      • Lino DeBono says:

        This is not a good view of things. I for one welcome these friends whom some of them have provided both Gozo & Malta with positivism in several aspects. So for one I welcome them.

        It is the lack of rules observations by departmental authoritative people responsible for the required action taking that mostly are responsible for these monstrosities.

    9. Kim says:

      We are leaving too! We first lived in Rabat and had to listen to the disco rattling our windows from miles away until 4am. Then to Attard when a wedding venue opened and did the same until 4am. Now in Birgu with the noise from the bars! It’s a lawless country. Malta will be affected by the loss of expats who spent more money than the Maltese! And respectable people too.

    10. Toninu says:

      Gozo and Malta are both total disasters ! The saddest thing being that people like Iris on this thread do not even realize how tragic this really is!

      • Jeff says:

        Oh yes we do, this is why many of us OUTSIDERS are leaving the islands for ever & ever Remember things don’t last for ever, what goes up must come down.

    11. Haim says:

      I first came to Gozo in 2012 and fell in love with this amazing island but greed and corruption is completely destroying it. A tunnel will destroy even more since roads are narrow and very badly maintained, how many people and cars can the island receive?

      Gozo I love you but sadly I have to leave you,

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