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Introducing children to robotics and coding skills in Robotica Gozo

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Robotica Nation GozoRobotica Nation Gozo, is back this summer for a third year, aimed at children aged between 5 and 14 years. The Ministry for Gozo is once again sponsoring the fee for the course.

The course is for boys and girls, and run by TCTC, aimed at introducing children to the unique experience of learning about robotics; programming logic, and structural design with TCTC’s MRT Robotics Kits.

The children will have the opportunity to use pulleys, levers and sensors to construct snapping alligators and snipping robots, then programme the robots with the specially designed visual drag-and-drop software.

TCTC said that the young students will also build a strong foundation of coding and robotics skills for their tech future, turning their creativity into moving objects.

Engineering basics will be taught with an emphasis on exploration, trial and error field testing. Instead of simply ”snapping bricks together,” students are encouraged to think “critically and logically about how and why their design needs to adapt to changing conditions,” TCTC said.

TCTC said that its guided, personalised instruction allows younger children to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use pulleys and inclined planes – just designed for children from age 5 who must have finished the kindergarten.

The Robotica Nation course will be held once a week – 2 hours per lesson, and depending on age, they start next Monday, the 15th of July, to run across 8 weeks in summer against a subsidised fee of €10.00 covering tuition fees and e-notes.

TCTC said that the €10 refund will be given at the end of the course if the student attends 7 out of 8 lessons.

To book places online please click here.

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