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Outbound residents up by 8.3% in December

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Outbound Maltese residents for 2007 - 2008Outbound Maltese residents for December 2008 were estimated at 27,121, an increase of 8.3 per cent over the comparative month in 2007. Of these, 95.3 per cent travelled by air.

December 2008

In the month under review, Maltese residents departing by air and sea were estimated at 27,121, the majority of whom fell in the 25-44 age bracket. Of total outbound tourists, 24,061 travelled to EU destinations, the most popular being the UK and Italy. A further 3,060 chose destinations outside the EU.

January-December 2008

During the past year, the number of Maltese passengers departing by air and sea amounted to 298,995, an increase of 6.9 per cent over the corresponding period in 2007. Of these, 85.9 per cent travelled to EU destinations; the most visited countries were Italy and the UK.

For the cumulative period, male outbound passengers exceeded female ones, the former accounting for 57.4 per cent of the total.

The largest proportion of outbound passengers – 45.9 per cent – comprised passengers aged between 25 and 44 years, followed by those in the 45-64 age bracket who accounted for 36.9 per cent of total outbound tourists.

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