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AD presents campaign for European elections

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AD presents campaign for European electionsDuring a weekend press conference Ralph Cassar, AD’s PRO introduced the party’s slogan for the European Parliament election campaign. The slogan is: ENERGIJA, ESPERJENZA, EWROPA (Energy, Experience, Europe).

Mr Cassar went on to outline the main points of their slogan as follows:

“ENERGIJA: AD has the energy and will to represent the aspirations of thousands of Maltese, Gozitans and residents who understand the importance of a better quality of life through better enforcement of EU environmental directives and through the strengthening of EU legislation in this area. We have the energy to push through the European Parliament, in tandem with the most credibile and consistent group in the EP, the European Greens, a GREEN NEW DEAL, to create millions of ‘green-collar’ jobs throughout the EU including in Malta and Gozo. AD has the energy to tackle issues others shy away from. AD will work for legal recognition of couples whose marriage has failed through divorce legislation and for other civil rights.”

“ESPERJENZA: AD has years of experience of working in and with EU political structures. We command the respect of our political group in the EP and can boast of a strong and good track record on a host of issues in the European political scene. Together with the European Green Party we have the ideas and the vision for a better Malta and Gozo in a better European Union.”

“EWROPA: AD is the party with the strongest and most consistent European values. It has worked tirelessly for a partecipative and pluralist democratic process and has a modern and forward looking vision. An AD MEP will work within an additional European Parliament political grouping and will represent the voice of all modern and forward looking Maltese and Gozitans in this group.”

AD candidate for the EP, Arnold Cassola added, “on contesting the EP election for the first time AD garnered 23,000 votes on the first count and 29,000 on the last count. This time we must work harder to guarantee a modern and forward looking voice int the European Parliament through an AD MEP.” AD candidate for the EP, Yvonne Ebejer Arqueros said, “we are empshasising the need for a more social Europe – themes such as work-life balance are very important for us. We want to contribute to decreasing the senseless polarisation in Maltese politics. This can be done by stregthening the voice of the third party by electing an AD MEP.”

Prof. Cassola added, “greens beleive in partecipative democracy and have always and consistently sought to represent local communities in EU institutions. Greens have consistently worked for institutional democratic reform within the EU; such reforms benefit the people and residents of small countries and regions such as Malta and Gozo. Greens have always strived for an economy which respects people and for the creation of jobs in the renewable energy sector, new green technologies, rural development, eco-tourism and information technology with an emphasis of open technologies.”

“A vote for AD is a vote for pluralism, a stronger democracy and a vote in favour of a party with real, modern, consistent and credible European values.”

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