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NGOs and AD condemn cowardly attack at Lija

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NGOsEnvironment NGOs Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar and Ramblers’ Association of Malta and Malta Organic Agriculture Movement have joined in the unequivocal condemnation of the cowardly attack on the house of Dr. Castaldi Paris and the damage to his neighbours property.

The NGOs said that Dr. Castaldi Paris and the Lija Local Council have been an example to other Local Councils for the sensitive way they upheld the interests of their residents and their localities. Sometimes this meant challenging MEPA decisions that threatened to inflict further damage to the unique character and way of life of the Three Villages.

They added that Lija Council is also commended for taking the lead in challenging the 2006 Local Plans, when changes were made to the designation of areas without full public consultation. Similar changes in many other localities manifestly favour speculators in permitting specific construction projects that destroy the character of Malta’s towns, villages and surrounding countryside to the detriment of the health and quality of life of residents.

Dr Castaldi Paris is also the Chairman of the Majjistral Nature Park where measures to restrict hunting are currently being proposed.

The NGOs expressed their sympathy with Dr. Castaldi Paris and his neighbours at this worrying time. They urged the Police Authorities to spare no effort to apprehend the cowards who use such bullying tactics to try to silence those who have the courage to speak out.

The NGOs also appealed to members of the public to break with ‘omerta’ and assist the police with any information they may have on this case.

Meanwhile, Alternttiva Demokratika – The Green Party also said it strongly condemns the vile attack on the residence of the Lija mayor, Ian Castaldi Paris.

Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson, said, “The number of cowardly attacks against councillors and mayors who are doing their duty towards their fellow citizens is alarmigly on the increase.

The authorities have to bring these criminals to book in order show that civic minded citizens doing their duty have the full backing of the state and the people.”

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    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The coward who carried out this attack was seen on CCTV to run from the scene in flames. No doubt he must have got some splash back when he was setting the fire. Given that all the hospitals and health centres etc have been told by the police to report immediately anyone reporting to them with burns, and that this has so far not happened, one can assume that this person is being treated at home. Hopefully they are suffering a good deal at the moment and that this continues to remind them of their cowardly deed on a daily basis.

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