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Major repairs at Hondoq ir-Rummien almost complete

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Major repairs at Hondoq Ir-Rummien almost completedThe major part of the extensive damage at Hondoq, which occurred during the severe winter storms in January, has finally been completed.

The work was carried out speedily and efficiently by a local contractor, who finished the major works in just over a week.

Local government workers then carried out the task of putting down the top layer of cement, which again was finished speedily and efficiently.

However, the work of removing the rocks from the sea below the pier has still to be carried out and a sign has been erected, warning visitors of the danger of diving into the sea.

As we are now well into the tourist season, it is to be hoped that the authorities will ensure that this danger is also removed as speedily and efficiently.

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    4 Responses

    1. Swimmer says:

      In Gozo can we ever get something right from the beginning and not always have a project that drags on endlessly?

      As every one can read above, it was less than two weeks work and I would like to ask, why did it need six months of bureaucracy to get it done?

      And now how much longer is it going to take to remove the rest of the boulders?

      What are the authorities waiting for? For a child to get injured seriously or for someone to die?

    2. Derek Steele says:


    3. Martin says:

      This is no surprise to me. Here in Gozo we never seem to get things done properly from the first time.

      Regarding the danger of the boulders not being picked up from the sea, why was this not done along side with the fixing of the breakwater.

      This afternoon I went to Hondoq and the pier has been fixed. Who was the contracter so we can thank him for doing the repair in such a short notice.

      Editors Note: We understand that Gatt Brothers were the contractors.

    4. T Zammit says:

      @ swimmer:
      Public contracts regulations they’re called!!

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