Melita introduces new super fast internet speeds in Malta

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Melita introduces new super fast internet speeds in MaltaMelita have announced that switching works on their €10 million state-of-the-art submarine fibre optic cable between Malta and Sicily have been completed and all data traffic on Melita’s network has been transferred successfully from third party infrastructure to Melita’s own new fibre optic cable.

“This is yet another milestone for Melita as it represents another building block in our strategic development program to strengthen our network and technical infrastructure in preparation for future bandwidth hungry applications across our television, internet, fixed line telephony and mobile services. Moreover, our customers are already experiencing enhanced internet experiences as a direct result of Melita’s investment,” said Malcolm Briffa, Melita’s Head of Marketing.

To mark this successful development, Melita is introducing new super fast internet speeds in the Maltese Islands. For the first time ever, speeds of up to 50Mbits are now available in Malta and Gozo and the minimum entry speed on Melita’s internet platform has been upgraded from 2Mbits to 5Mbits.

“We consider this major upgrade as our second revolution in the local broadband internet market as customers are now able to experience unprecedented speeds of broadband internet. After successfully introducing 30Mbits speeds to the Maltese Islands, Melita is now pioneering 50Mbits per second super fast internet speed. Our lifestyles are becoming more and more dependent on technology and applications which require additional bandwidth and faster speeds to deliver optimum results. This change will impact our lifestyles positively in more ways than one,” added Mr. Briffa.

Melita’s internet packages are now tiered as follows: • M package – 5Mbits • L package – 10Mbits • XL package – 20Mbits • Super fast package – 50Mbits

Melita is offering new broadband internet subscribers free upgrades on the M and super fast packages: pay for 2Mbits and get 5Mbits speeds on the M package and pay for 30Mbits and get 50Mbits on the super fast package. New 5Mbps internet customers (M Package) will also benefit from a 50% discount on their internet bill for the first three months of subscription.

All existing customers on the M package will receive free upgrades: from 2Mbits to 5Mbits and those on super fast connections will receive a free upgrade from 30Mbits to 50Mbits.

To benefit from these free upgrades, existing customers should visit any of Melita’s outlets and exclusive resellers in Malta and Gozo or Melita’s stand (Zone L11/L12) at the Trade Fair between Thursday 25th June and Sunday 5th July.

To subscribe to Malta’s fastest internet experience, log on to or call Melita on 27 270 270. The last MCA market review has re-confirmed Melita as the leading broadband internet service provider in Malta and Gozo with a 52% market share and over 52,000 families and businesses connected to Melita’s fast and reliable cable internet service.

Photo shows: (From right to left) Stephen Wright, Melita’s Chief Executive Officer and Simon Montanaro, Melita’s Chief Technology Officer introducing Melita’s super fast 50Mbps internet connection.

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    2 Responses

    1. Roy Perry says:

      Great news —- for some — Melita tells me that 2 MB is all I can expect in Xaghra!


      Editors note: Ditto for those on 10MB, they also do not receive an upgrade.

    2. Miriam Buttigeig says:

      Is this fair or is this not fair reading the above comments, why is it that Gozo is always last and we as Gozitans are treated as second class citizen after all we pay the say dues.

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