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Timetable details for the Gozo Ferry – Courtesy of Gozo Channel

Please Note: Monday to Fridays timetable is shown first, followed by the Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday timetable.

Gozo Ferry Summer Timetable 2019

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    When the ferries are going on service this morning 10/03/2012??


    T he Gozo Ferries,are capable of crusing around Gozo and Malta for the people
    that travel from other countries to see the real Malta and Gozo,in arrainging trips of
    two around the islands and one remain and one will searve the short distance from Mgarr to Cerkewwa,as in the years gone by. t he future Tunnel will searve the busness of the two Islands,including the delivery of water from the huge water reservoir from
    Hondoq ir-Rummien to Malta.I like to see it when this project be completed .
    of water from Gozo to Malta

  3. Alfred Grech says:

    The garage in the ferries gets very hot in summer. They should open up some ventilation windows to enable air circulation. Hope it will be done before the heat of summer arrives.

  4. Alex Aquilina says:

    Kindly confirm cost for 1 car + 2 passengers

    • Alfred & Jasmine Grech says:

      Cars on Ferry pay 11.65 Euro – passengers pay 4.65 each and senior citizens travel for free.

  5. Charlie says:

    Cant beat the service

  6. Derek McCormack says:

    Can you take scooter / Motorbikes on the ferry ? If so is it the same price as a car ? Is the rule the same as for passengers .Do you only pay on return from Gozo ? If foot passenger do buses run until late in Malta on return from Gozo? What is the best way to see Gozo in a day ?

    • Alfred Grech says:

      You can take a motobike on the ferry. Pls visit Gozo Channel website for pricing. You only pay on your return from Gozo. I would assume buses are available in Malta for each ferry trip – pls see Arriva website. You see some of Gozo in one day but not all. Last year we spent 8 days touring around to say we saw it all. My wife made a list of four pages of various places and took over 7200 photos. Gozo is very beautiful and there’s a lot to see in it.

  7. mickh911 says:

    i agree with mr grech re gozo channel & arriva web sites, i seem to remember bike & driver was about half the car price, a passanger would pay foot passanger price,
    a nice way to see the island would be on your motorbike or the open top hop on hop off bus, @ 15 euro for a day ticket its a good way for first time visitors to see the island and decide which places you would like to spend more time

  8. juliet attard says:

    is the ferry shuttle today pls and thanks

  9. Maria Adams says:

    We live in London and until 2010 have come to Gozo for more than 20yrs, sometimes for 2 weeks and sometime for nearly 3 weeks, every time we come there is always something different to see and the familiar places are a joy to see too. So after 4 years away we are coming back to visit Gozo and are really looking forward to it.

  10. b taylor says:

    I want to see winter timetable 2016/17. Is there a 9am ferry on 20th Nov zgozo to Malta?

  11. roberta says:

    Glad to see that we the resident Gozitans with a valid id travel cheaper at a reasonable fare & the Maltese visitors & tourists Pay Double and why not, after all it is the Gozo Ferry Yeah.

  12. Sal says:

    How about leaving enough space between one parked car for passengers to get out (pensioners & disabled) without struggling and hindering the next tightly parked cars.

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