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Further to my letter of December the 4th 2012 – Jane Carr

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Further to my letter of December the 4th 2012 - Jane CarrFurther to my letter published on the 4th of December 2012, entitled ‘Mayor should be clearly against development at Hondoq.’ I had no intention of harming the Mayor’s reputation and have been assured that the Mayor has no connection, professional or otherwise with the developers. I apologise for any unintended damage to his reputation.

The Mayor has also assured me that the Council is “against any unsustainable and speculative project and will only change its stance if, say, a huge garden or a park or an integrated green community area is proposed and is beneficial to the community.”

Jane Carr


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    35 Responses

    1. Joseph says:

      What is an integrated green community?

      • lesley kreupl says:

        An ‘Integrated green community’ is a polite way of saying a ‘gated community’ i.e. one in which only the owners of homes, villas and gardens ‘integrated’ into the property forming the ‘community’ are welcome or allowed. Fort Chambray is a good example. It will eventually be completely closed off to the public on a basis of owner-invitation only. Hondoq would of course be an ideal site for such a community, especially one which has its own private bay. I therefore warn the residents of Qala, in fact the whole of Gozo, to be very careful indeed of people with forked tongues, especially politicians!.

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      What exactly is this supposed to mean? Why can’t the Qala Mayor and the Council cut out the gobbledegook and tell the people in plain English whether or not they are going to back this marina proposal? It’s a simple enough question and if the Mayor is so worried about his precious reputation it should be easy enough to answer.

      Either the Mayor and the Council are behind the people and against the idea of a marina development at Hondoq or they are looking for ways to back the development, it’s as simple as that. Are they saying that they will back the Marina if the developers give the people a garden, or a park or an integrated green community area (whatever that is supposed to mean).

    3. Pete Bullen says:

      Jane that sounds like a statement forced on you by legal moves.

    4. joe cutajar ny says:

      At all costs, Hondoq should remain untouched .The only way for Hondoq is to clean it up and turn its surroundings into a big National Park so everyone can enjoy nature and the beautiful Hondoq beach .Hondoq doesnt need any marinas ,flats , hotels or any other thing .In my opinion the osmosis plant which looks disgusting, should be turned into a recreational building were it can be used all year round by everyone , blending it in with the surrounding area .No need to spend millions to destroy Hondoq . I also like to say , stop pointing fingers at who is Blue and who is Red ,Hondoq is for everyone and should be protected by everyone who really cares about Hondoq and the Island of Gozo ,whether you favor blue or favor red .Hondoq should not be destroyed by the few ,for the few .Please take care of Hondoq ,once you destroy it ,there is no turning back .

    5. lesley kreupl says:

      Dear Jane, it would be most interesting to know who has been threatening you, as obviously somebody is behind this apology request! Having been threatened myself some years ago, I know how you feel. Keep up the fight for Hondoq.

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Same here Lesley. I too have received legal threats. It seems this is the normal Maltese reaction to the truth.

    6. Mario says:

      Ms.Carr now it’s too late the harm is done. We Maltese have a saying ‘ first you throw the stone than you hide your hand ‘.

      • peter says:

        Now we need to know where we stand by what the mayor said as an integrated green community area . I would agree with what Lesley Kreupl said .Villas and more buildings down there .Am I missing something here??

        Mario the harm that you are referring to has been apologized and things are settled’

        @ Pete Bullen Can`t imagine something like that happening .Maybe we might know if this is true

        We definitely need to know from the council where they all stand .I am deeply angry because Hondoq is for everyone .We all need that place for Summer

    7. John says:

      I remember hondoq ir-rummien many years ago as a young boy walking to hondoq ir-rummien with my parents and friends for a swim and some fun. This bay was our only beach within walking distance, we had no cars or bikes in those days so we walked along the fields and farm houses to the Immaculate Conception Church and down the steep slopes along the stone quary all the way to Hondoq Bay. I tell you those were the best days of my life when I look back now. Life was so easy and so much fun even though we had nothing, we were happy and we couldn’t get into any trouble even if we tried. I am very opposed to the proposed developement because as it was then I like this place to be open to everybody. If it were to be developed into a private commuinity then the public as a whole would lose for only the few would benefit from it. This would be a big disservice to the people of Gozo that they would be denied to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful Hondoq Bay.

    8. john Formosa says:

      well this brings even greater doubts about my previous arguments…

      QALA LOCAL COUNCIL should simply give an assurance with the following words ” we are against any proposed development in hondoq”

      this is polite talking to the general public that we are against but truly means that we are not against it… shame on you!

    9. Rev. George Mercieca says:

      I agree, John. Hondoq belongs to the people of Gozo & Malta. It is everyone’s business. It involves us all not only those of Qala. Like you John, when I was young I used to go to Xlendi Bay an enjoy walks in all the seasons! My father was a fisherman and owned a luzzu and a boathouse, and I was always there. Xlendi became my second home place. Now, I feel a stranger when I go there with all the restaurants all over!
      Rev. George Mercieca

    10. Astrid Vella says:

      I agree that it is extremely worrying if Jane was threatened as has happened to others in the past, so I say well done to her for having wrested this commitment from the Mayor that the Qala Local Council is “against any unsustainable and speculative project and will only change its stance if, say, a huge garden or a park or an integrated green community area is proposed and is beneficial to the community.” Having it down in black on white makes it much more difficult to backtrack.

      All kudos to you Jane!

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        I’m not sure that’s what they are saying here Astrid. All they had to do was say we are against any proposed marina development at Hondoq but what they have actually said is that they are “against any unsustainable and speculative project and will only change its stance” (If they are against it and then change their stance it means they will be for it) if, say, a huge garden or a park or an integrated green community area is proposed and is beneficial to the community.” Do you see what I mean here? Are they saying they are against it but may change their stance and be for it? Are they saying they are against it but may change their stance if the developers offer them something like a patch of grass with a palm tree on it? Or are they actually saying they are against it in line with the thinking of the people of Qala?

        It should be a pretty easy question to answer but it is too neatly wrapped up here in double speak.

    11. Anthoney says:

      Integrated Green Community stands for Ingenious Garbage Cobwebs .People of Qala do see what is happening behind your back and don`t let these catch phrases to impress you.

      You were an inspiration to everyone when you voted 85% against this rape in 2002

      .Make sure you got solid written answers on black and white that hondoq will be turned into a national park and not into villas like the wording that I am strongly believing that this catch phrase is telling us

    12. Gozitan says:

      The Mayor dose not know what he is doing. When he was still young he never liked the village of Qala. He was never in Qala and he hated the village of Qala. He always said that he is from Nadur and hate Qala. Now that he is mayor of Qala, thanks to his crocodile tears, he is saying that he loves Qala, and that he will make the village better. About nine months passed from the election and I am seeing a lot of changes in the village of Qala. Thats why The village of Qala is never mentioned on the news except if something is done by the someone else.

      • James A. Tyrrell says:

        Which begs the question why was he elected in the first place? Qala needs someone in the office of Mayor who the people know cares 100% about the village and the people. I don’t even live in Qala and I still know who I would elect!

      • James Formosa says:

        Since you don’t live in Qala, I as a local from Qala, I am never bothered with such comments from a stranger like you who think that you can influence local people by your opinions. Nobody asked you to move to Gozo so you have to accept our decisions, most of all, our decision of electing our present Mayor. What you say is irrelevant, the first sentence of this comment says it all!!!
        When I move abroad to another community, I didn’t pretend that they should adopt to what I say but it was the other way round.
        If you still have any doubt why our Mayor was elected, ask the 386 voters you voted for him first preference and they will tell you why. Only you against 386 voters its like you shouting in a desert, where no one hears you. Maybe next time you should contest local elections as well in Qala, I assure you that you will not exceed 10 votes!!!

      • Qali says:

        There is quite a number of non Maltese nationals who reside in Qala. They have the right to vote, just as we do. They live with us, and are concerned about their wellbeing just about as much as we do. It would be unwise to talk in this tone about them. They deserve respect.

      • Qali says:

        Dear Gozitan, I have witnessed what you said. Consequently I agree and second what you had to say about the mayor’s thoughts about Qala up till the day he decided to run for elections.

        Please allow me to correct your last sentence. The village of Qala is being mentioned in the news – but for the wrong reasons. For instance the mess created by the mayor during the festa when he moved the hawkers from a side street to a secondary square smack in the middle of the procession route; the on-going feud between the mayor, the vice mayor and the other labour councillor in which they cannot even look eyeball to eyeball – an open secret in our village; and last but not least, these kind of letters to the editor.

      • Gozitan says:

        Dear Qali, you can tell who loves his village and his villagers from the acts he makes. The Mayor I don’t think that he truly loves the village of Qala by the fact that it seems that he doesn’t really want to protect the beautiful bay of Hondoq. If not why doesn’t he say clearly that he is against the Qala Creek development?? He is an architect, why he doesn’t make new plans for the old quarry and transform it into a public park where EVERYONE can go and relax??

    13. Joseph says:

      @ Gozitan He never attended school at Qala and also never attended the Museum as well

      What a wise choice we made!!!!!!! to late now

      • Qali says:

        During campaigning he was being godfathered by labour party’s spin machine, and a particular star candidate of theirs. That, and the respect people had for his late father did the trick. Pity that he isn’t up half the man Anton was, may God rest his soul. Up till the day he declared his intention to run for elections, no one in Qala knew much about him. During campaigning he was presented to us as a young graduate, eager to help in making our village a better place to live. Time has shown us his true colours, and his lack of commitment on the Hondoq issue is testament to his insensibility towards those who elected him to office. Now the alleged direct or indirect threatening to ms Carr. May God help us.

    14. Paul Pace says:

      Personally I think that the Qala community has ALREADY shown that it IS an Integrated Green Community by overwhelmingly (i.e. in its vast majority) voting against the project. They surely don’t need any OUTSIDE suggestions how to achieve this. Anyone who is representing this majority, i.e at a national, regional and local level, should acknowledge, respect and strive to implement this choice.

      There is something that really baffles me in this issue: What is keeping the powers that be from accepting the CLEAR message sent by the Qala community (as well as a host of others): “Hands Off Hondoq”?

    15. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      I ,left Qala at the age of 17 and now I hit the 80 mark and did everything,and the most
      that most rotten thing that I have seen in Qala is when the feast of St.Joseph”s had
      passed away ,beautiful feast,and when everybody went home except two who hid
      themselves inside the church ,and stole the Gold Chrown from St.Joseph”s head and
      ran away ! with the Gold. When the police were hunting them,they commited a
      murder of two men that the killers suspectted them that them reported them !!

    16. James Formosa says:

      Reading all the above comments, some people took the occasion to hit out at Qala mayor personally. The above article was not on the work Qala mayor is doing, it was about the proposed project of hondoq.
      Comments by some particular people are all being lead by conflict of interest. Time will tell. In the last local council election, Qala people sent out a strong message. Although the guy nicknamed Qali is pretending that he doesn’t know about it, he knows the meaning of the message.

      • Qali says:

        Dear James Formosa, feel free to take me to task for what I said. You speak about the people’s decision in March. Fairly so. People expect something from this young man whom they elected mayor with 386 votes. Judging from the above exchange of opinions, I have my doubts on whether he’s delivering-9 months down the line. One hour in politics is a very long span of time, let alone nine months. I’m talking about today, not 9 months ago – as I fear yours truly is doing. It’s the Mayor’s problems which brought about this exchange of opinions.

        As for the Hondoq project, Ms Carr’s sudden u-turn raised quite a few eyebrows. Pete Bullen, James Tyrell and Lesley Kreupl aren’t exactly stupid, and all of them sniffed a rat. They are now subtly alleging that Ms Carr might have been threatened in some way or another either by the Mayor, or by someone close to him. Did the 38-something voters want a Mayor who resorts to threatening his critics; critics who vented their concerns only because he failed to act on people’s expectations?

    17. Ray says:

      The nicknames used here Qali and Gozitan are two people who have strong conflict of interest and form part of the previous ex mayor clan. The last election the Qala people rejected this same clan who had hijacked the previous mayor were all work by the council was given to the same clan leaving the rest of the villagers empty handed.

      Their only target is to harm the current hard working mayor who against all odds and alone at a young age managed to overthrow a regime that hijacked Qala. Qali and Gozitan seem to forget also some interesting facts about the previous ex mayor….

      – have they forgotten that the previous ex mayor is from xaghra?
      – have they forgotten how many Qala people were disgusted by the way the ex mayor clan hijacked the village and tried to control even the church?

      enough said

      • Qali says:

        Dear Ray, please rest assured that I am free of conflict of interest, and form part in no “clan”. Contrary to your allegations, I never got a penny from past or present councils. As the Maltese idiom goes, “?add ma jag?tijuli s?un”, and no one will ever will because I don’t want to see anyone in specific to be elected. I do sympathize with particular political ideologies but, as long as my sole interest – the well being of my family – is provided for, I don’t care who is in office.
        But, to call “hard work” the past nine months is slightly far-fetched. Ignore for a moment my comments. I let the feedback submitted by other readers speak for itself.
        We do agree on one thing. Attempts of controlling the Church is despicable. And since we are in the mood to be frank, allow me to add something and help you out. The Gozo International Celebration committee. The event in itself is commendable. However priests aside; this committee has been hi-jacked by persons who have political aspirations. This is another thing which people despise. You appear to know much more than I do about church-council-clans stuff, so I’m confident you have a vivid picture of what I’m talking about; want to join me in writing a lovely letter to this website’s editor about this?

      • Guzi says:

        Ghal paroli l-ewwel tiehdu.. imbaghad meta jkollok bzonn lil xi hadd ma ssib lil hadd.. alla hares ma jkunux l-istess erbgha minn nies. Mela jekk ma jsir xejn tgergru, jekk issir tgergru.. mhux tgergru tridu, imma tmiddu idejkom u tohrog b’xi idea.

      • Joe Falzon says:

        If what you are saying is true don’t hide under the name Ray…make you identity public!

      • Paul Buttigieg - Ex Qala Mayor says:

        Mr Editor,

        I am writing with reference to comments written by “Ray” on 28/12/2012 at 9:09 am.

        First and foremost may I point out that the fact that “Ray” decided to conceal behind a pseudonym is already an implication in itself that these speculations are unfounded, unsubstantiated, frivolous and vexatious.

        I was born in Xaghra, yet I have been a Qala resident for over 30 years. Just in case “Ray” did not know, even though I was not elected as Mayor during the last Local Councils’ election, I still won one third of all the casted votes by Qala residents during the elections held last March. This means that people still had their full confidence in how I managed. I have been involved in Local Councils since their inception, way back in 1994 a total of five successive terms. I have been elected as Mayor of the locality in four consecutive elections.

        Throughout these 16 years I gave my utmost for the locality and all residents, irrespective of their birthplace or political alignment. This can be evidently demonstrated and confirmed by numerous projects which I have proposed, launched, implemented and consequently, successfully concluded. These projects varied from environmental, re-embellishment ventures, surfacing of more than half the locality’s roads and acquiring EU funds for further projects amongst many others.

        Referring to ‘the clan’ which “Ray” impertinently mentioned; may I inform you that all the projects which were proposed and implemented by the Qala Local Council under my Mayorship underwent the standard procurement and tendering procedures as established by governing law and financial regulations. All were discussed at length and ultimately approved by all the councillors from both parties. May I also remind “Ray” that all the above has been confirmed by the annual Auditors’ reports. Published by reputable audit firms which are independent of Government and Local Councils, these reports have never found any evidence which pointed towards possible negligence, ambiguity, doubt or preferential treatment about any of the projects or my administration in general. So again comments by “Ray” are baseless, speculative and nothing short of defamatory.

        Referring to your comments about ‘hijacking the locality’ I leave it up to the Qala residents’ intelligence and aptitude to decide themselves who is hijacking who… As a Mayor I have worked with two different Archpriests; both of whom capably managed and administered Church issues themselves in close collaboration with the Council.

        A word about the Qala Creek project. I have since the very beginning of this long saga put forward my concerns against this speculative project. In fact I, in my capacity of Mayor had proposed and successfully held a referendum in Qala on this subject way back in 2002. This was the first referendum ever concerning such issues in the whole of Malta. In spite of all adversities and against all odds, to date, my position remains unchanged and affirmed.

        Mr Editor, I trust my reply clarifies all your readers’ concerns. Even though I am convinced that “Ray”’s sole intention was to harm my reputation, I want to remind him that actions speak louder than words. And, in this case, the village of Qala can speak for itself …

        Paul Buttigieg
        Ex Qala Mayor

    18. Peter says:

      @ Ray

      Naqbel mieghek Ray ahna xoghol irridu f’Ghawdex mux nigu hijacked mill klikka meghjuna minn xi barranin u xi zewgt ambjentalisti ohra jahdmu ghal interessi tahhom bl-iskuza ta l-ambjent.

    19. Pete Bullen says:

      Sadly I’m not an Qala resident but I do live on Gozo, Am often in the Qala area and know and love Hondoq. Jane’s original post on this thread sounded to me like pure legalese. It read like a typical legally enforced statement based on the “publish this retraction or we will sue” approach. It certainly wasn’t written in the style that Jane has used previously. It’s also notable that she hasn’t said anything further so I wonder whether part of that legal threat included some form of injunction against further comment. If that is the case then it feels strongly like legal censorship and the restriction of free speech. A sad day.

      I’d add that IMO development of Hondoq bay such that the general public, Maltese, Gozitan or tourists cease to be able to enjoy it and only benefiting property developers would be an even sadder day.

    20. Gozo News says:

      Editors note:

      Due to multiple comments being posted using pseudonyms and personal attacks being made on both sides of this discussion, we have been forced to close comments on this item.

      If either side wish to make an unbiased, non-partisan and official statement regarding the points raised in this discussion we shall be happy to consider it for publication.