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Qala’s St Anthony’s Battery restoration almost complete

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Qala's St Anthony's Battery restoration almost completeSt. Anthony’s Battery, known locally as it-Trunciera is being restored by the Qala Local Council with the help of MEPA and Din l-Art Helwa. St Anthony’s Battery is an early 18th century military outpost designed to serve as a gun battery for the defence of the coast and the channel between Gozo and Comino. It was built during the reign of Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena and was probably designed by the French military engineer Charles Francois Mondion in 1731/2. The Battery retains its original relationship with the surrounding landscape and seascape as these have remained practically unchanged since 1731.

The restoration began about two and a half ago and is estimated so far to have cost around a hundred thousand euros. Parliamentary Secretary Chris Said and Qala Mayor, Paul Buttigieg, visited the site where the work now is almost complete.

St. Anthony’s Battery is regarded as a National Heritage in architecture which is somewhat unique to the islands. The work was originally designed with a semi-circular gun platform and two blockhouses at the rear, however, it was eventually built with a semi-hexagonal front. Consequently the landward defences incorporated a free-standing redan trace with thick walls and numerous musketry loopholes, which were shielded by two flanking traverses. The land front itself was protected by a shallow ditch.

A solid blockhouse with battered walls occupied the centre of the enclosure. In 1770, St. Anthony’s Battery had an armament of three 8-pdr guns with 427 rounds of roundshot and 75 rounds of grapeshot; and eight 6-pdr guns with 127 rounds of roundshot and 45 rounds of grapeshot.

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    4 Responses

    1. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      My history of Qala”sSt.Anthony”s Battery,restoration,it remind me of the age when I
      was at the age of 14/15 years old ,my father woke up early in the morning to go to
      plough this parcil of farming land and by day brake we had our mule all harnessed in
      the plough set up ,and my father took the first 15 munites,then the sun was getting
      hotter &hoter ,when all of a suddin ,we were invaded by a cloud of tiny flies starving
      for blood from human or animals ,and my father said that we have to find a cave and
      take cover in the darkness ,the mule started kicking his hind legs ,and we had to
      quit our ploughing for that day ,these flies were all comming from Libya,but it Trunciera
      was our place of refuge against those Libyans starving flies.

    2. Peter says:

      Mr. Magro inti fejn kont tejx is-Sudan jew il-Qala ?

    3. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      This is the answer to Peter, I been to a few countries in my life ,but not to Sudan as
      you were thinking ! but to satisfy your curiosity,I was born in Qala ,at 17 years I went
      to Australia ,and back to Gozo,and then came to Canada,where I have been the last
      59 years,

    4. Peter says:

      Mr. Magro inti mort f’dawn il pajjizi u ghadek il- Canada, nahseb biex tahdem imma mux ghal xi holiday . Jien saqsejtek jekk kontx tejx is Sudan, ghaliex kif iddeskrivejt il-Qala fit tfulitek kont qieghed donnok tiddeskrivi is-Sudan mux il-Qala.

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